5 Benefits of Veterinary House Calls

Did you know that veterinary house calls are becoming quite popular? While not every animal clinic offers them, as your South West Fort Wayne, IN vet hospital, we are happy to be one of the ones that do. Veterinary house calls can benefit both pets and people. Here, we list some great reasons to consider house calls.

No Driving!

Veterinary house calls are a wonderful choice for anyone with mobility or transportation issues. They also help keep you from wasting time sitting in traffic. We’re pretty sure that most of our feline patients would also be purrfectly thrilled to skip that dreaded car ride. (Actually, Fluffy would probably skip her appointment altogether and just take another nap, but that’s another topic entirely.)

Keep Your Pet Comfortable

Senior and geriatric pets often get stiff and sore. Just getting picked up and put into a carrier can be uncomfortable for some of our older patients. Veterinary house calls allow your four-legged buddy to stay in the comforts of their own home, with only a brief interruption of their regularly-scheduled naps.

Have Multiple Pets Examined

If you have multiple pets, you’ll have two options for veterinary appointments: either bring all of your pets in at once, or schedule separate appointments. Corralling several pets into carriers and then getting them into the car can get rather tricky. Multiple appointments may not be ideal, either. With house calls, you can have all of your animal friends seen at once.

Avoid Transporting Large Dogs

Big dogs are often furry, lovable goofballs. However, it isn’t always easy getting them in or out of a car, especially if they have bone or joint issues. Large breeds are great candidates for home visits!

Keep Up With Home Duties

If you are a stay-home parent or caretaker, you may also want to consider veterinary house calls. These are also a great choice for anyone who works from home.


Every pet is different, so house calls are definitely not an across-the-board recommendation. Your little (or not so little) buddy will still need to come in for certain appointments. That said, it never hurts to ask. Check with your vet to see if this may be a good option for you.

Do you think house calls may be right for you and your pet? Contact us, your South West Fort Wayne, IN pet hospital, today!

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