7 Things That Annoy Your Dog

Our canine pals are wonderful animals. They’re loyal, loving, smart, playful, cuddly, and often quite hilarious. Just like people, Fido does have his own individual tastes. However, dogs do share some common opinions on a few things, such as pet peeves. Here, an Aboite, IN vet lists some things that rub Fido the wrong way.


While your furry best friend may not mind getting hugs from you, generally dogs don’t care to be hugged by strangers. Why? It’s considered a sign of dominance in doggy ‘language.’

Lack of Toys/Stimulation

Fido is very intelligent, and can quickly get bored and restless with nothing to do. Offer your canine friend lots of fun toys, and take time to play with him regularly. It’s also important to take your pup out for regular walks, so he can get some fresh air, exercise, and a change of scenery.

Confusing Commands

Dogs can learn, on average, over 100 words. However, using more than one phrase to say the same thing can confuse Fido. Don’t say ‘Down’ one day, and then tell your pooch ‘Fido, get down right now!’ the next.


We know, it isn’t exactly pleasant to find out that your dog ate your shoes or got into the trash. However, yelling at your pup won’t help matters, and may actually make things worse. Fido won’t know what he did wrong, or why you’re ‘barking’ at him so loudly.


Dogs don’t like being teased any more than people do. Children often don’t understand this, and can unwittingly provoke a dog by barking at him, pulling his tail, or making loud noises. This can really upset our canine companions, and can lead to anxiety or aggression.


Man’s Best Friend is by nature a pack animal, and is always happiest when he’s with his buddies. Your pooch may be fine by himself while you go off to work to earn money for pet food and doggy toys. However, don’t leave Fido by himself too long.


Prolonged eye contact can be another form of aggression to our furry buddies. Your pet probably won’t mind it if you stare at him, but avoid looking strange dogs in the eye, especially if they are acting anxious or uneasy.

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