Our Careteam

Michele Werling
Veterinary Administrative Assistant
Born in the Midwest, Michele has always found herself inspired by the human-animal bond. When presented with the opportunity to join the Aboite Animal Clinic team, she didn’t hesitate to throw her hat into the ring. When she learned that our clinic doesn’t turn away emergency cases, she knew this was the place for her and hasn’t looked back since!

Professionally, Michele takes great pride in helping pet owners care for their animal family members. She also appreciates the opportunity she has every day to gain an unending array of knowledge in pet care.

At home, Michele’s family enjoys and is inspired by pets of all sorts. They are primarily canine and fish pet owners, and on occasion, they rehome and provide safety to wild-caught animals, including frogs. One of Michele’s fondest memories was of a vacation during which she was able to rescue a baby sea turtle from cars on the roadway.
Ava Richardson
Veterinary Assistant
Ever since Ava was two-years old, she knew without a doubt that she would one day work in veterinary medicine. From “veterinarian” being her first big word, to the countless stray animals she was forever coming home with, she’s always had a desire to make a difference in the health and lives of animals. As a veterinary assistant, she feels privileged to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.
Ava’s journey began at Purdue University – West Layfayette, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree. She then went on to study research medicine in Kalamazoo, MI, but quickly discovered it wasn’t for her. After moving back to Indiana, Ava found herself at Aboite Animal Clinic, where she plans to stay and continue learning while she eventually attends veterinary school.

Clinically, Ava has a particular interest in neurology – an area she studied extensively while at Purdue. Being able to work with neurology cases and watch the healing process from beginning to end has been one of her favorite parts of the job.

Outside of work, Ava lives with her boyfriend and their Aussie mix, Mawi, who is the most energetic spaz you could ever meet. On her days off, Ava can usually be found hanging out with family, watching an episode of Stranger Things, or hanging out in the park with Mawi.
Tayler Ayres
Veterinary Assistant
Tayler grew up on a farm in Silver Lake, surrounded by animals – from dogs to pigs, horses, and just about everything in between. One of her fondest memories involved raising a litter of 12 puppies from birth. These experiences played a significant role in her decision to pursue a career in the veterinary industry. As a veterinary assistant here at Aboite Animal Clinic, Tayler now gets to live her dream of helping animals each and every day!

Tayler’s journey into the pet care industry began at a boarding and grooming facility. She joined the Aboite team to further her knowledge and gain more hands-on experience in animal medicine. Professionally, Tayler enjoys the challenge of diagnosing difficult or unusual cases. She also appreciates the variety of breeds and species that visit the clinic, though she has a particular soft spot for dogs.

At home, Tayler has two fur babies of her own: a boxer/husky mix named Kobe and a yorkipoo named Koda. A tireless pup, Koda spends a lot of time at the toy basket selecting the perfect toy for some playful fun. Nap-loving Kobe came from the litter Tayler raised. He may be big now, but he still thinks he’s a lap dog. Both dogs love to do zoomies around the living room.

In her spare time, Tayler enjoys going on walks with Koda and Kobe, and spending time with her two nieces. Her guilty pleasure is watching Big Brother.
Katelynn Capps
Registered Veterinary Technician
Katelynn was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she harbored a love for the earth’s creatures ever since her earliest days. Her own experiences caring for pets while growing up led her to one inescapable conclusion: she would love to help better the lives of both pets and owners by working in the veterinary field! Katelynn’s passion never quit—now, she’s a Registered Veterinary Technician.

Katelynn’s animal-care journey began at another local pet clinic, where she shadowed for 40 hours, and then she attended International Business College’s veterinary technology program. After finishing her coursework requirements, she became an extern at another local clinic for two months and then signed on at a busy hospital after graduation. Katelynn would help pets there for two and half years before relocating to North Carolina, where she continued working in the field for a year before returning to her home state. In April of 2018, she joined the team here at Aboite Animal Clinic as a Registered Veterinary Technician. The rest is history!

One of Katelynn’s favorite parts of her job is serving as the lead Tech on a critical-care case and seeing a patient through the entire care process to a full recovery. Medically, she’s fond of diagnostic procedures, cytologies, radiology and ultrasound, and bloodwork. Above all, she loves to know that she’s making a real difference in the lives of pets and their loving human counterparts.

Katelynn lives with her fiancé, Tyler, and their two pets: Tink, a betta fish, and a Pleco fish named Tink Senior. When she isn’t spending time with her family or helping pets here at the clinic, Katelynn likes dabbling in art and especially enjoys painting with oil and acrylics. Her art has even been displayed at St. Francis University and in the Parkview North Hospital’s front lobby!
Megan Estes
Veterinary Assistant
Megan grew up in Muncie, Indiana, where her family kept pets ever since her earliest days. She’s known from the time she was a little girl that she wanted to work in veterinary medicine some day! Megan’s dream has come full circle—she’s a proud member of Aboite Animal Clinic’s Veterinary Assistant team.

Megan was still in high school when she took on an internship at her local family veterinary clinic. Next, she headed off to Purdue University to study animal behavior, working at a clinic in West Lafayette for nearly five years during her studies. Megan moved back to Muncie in 2012, then started working for a clinic in Anderson, Indiana, where she was able to apply and hone many of the skills she had learned back in West Lafayette.
In 2017, Megan moved to Fort Wayne to be with her boyfriend, and started here at Aboite Animal Clinic in February of that year as a Veterinary Assistant. She has a special passion for animal behavior and loves to help clients understand why their animal friends act the way they do; Megan also enjoys helping each and every visitor to the hospital feel comfortable during their entire visit.

Away from the office, Megan enjoys watching documentaries about animals, history, and nature; she loves to continue learning about the earth’s creatures in whatever way she can! Along with her boyfriend and his daughter, Megan shares her home with her dog, Gidget, and four cats: Miss Kitty, who spends most of her time judging everyone else; Foo, who demands cuddles with Megan on a daily basis; Mabel, who doesn’t let her past encounter with a car slow her down in the least; and Emma, the baby of the family.